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Mr. Zhang Ruzhen, General Manager of Chiping Nengtong, Visited Dieffenbacher Headquarter

Time: 01.12.2017 09:10 Click: times
 On Nov. 17th , 2017, Mr. Zhang Ruzhen, general manager of Chiping Nengtong MDF Co., LTD. , visited  headquarter of Dieffenbacher Group in Eppingen, Germany, to discuss further cooperation between two companies. 
      Right 1 Mr. Christian Dieffenbacher  Right 2  Mr. Zhang Ruzhen
      Left 1 Mr. Liu li Board director of D-SWPM Left2    Mr. Sun Pu
Mr. Christian Dieffenbacher gave warm welcome to Mr. Zhang’s visit, he made the introduction of the successful 144-year history of Dieffenbacher and its latest technology and equipment in wood industry. Besides, Mr. Liu li, board director of Dieffenbacher D-SWPM, made an introduction of Dieffenbacher’s competence in high-tech carbon fiber equipment. Mr. Zhang highly praised these products and showed strong interests in the advanced technology from Dieffenbacher. He hopes that Nengtong can cooperate with Dieffenbacher more widely, more deeply in wood and carbon fiber area. Both parties also discussed energy-saving and environment-friendly technology in the wood industry. After that, Mr. Christian Dieffenbacher guided the group to visit the modern workshop of Dieffenbacher. Mr. Zhang commented: “As a factory manager of second generation In China, I highly respect the long history of Dieffenbacher. I hope I can make “Nengtong” to be a long history brand too by me and my team’s hardworking.”
Mr. Zhang expressed his satisfaction for the cooperation between the two partners by presenting a traditional Chinese calligraphy – “advanced technology and superior equipment from Dieffenbacher and SWPM, considerate service with high reputation, be trustworthy

Chipeng Nengtong MDF Co.,Ltd. purchased two MOP lines in 2002 and 2010 from D-SWPM. In 2012 it bought a 4ft continuous press with a length of 45.5 meters from D-SWPM, in 2014 Nengtong bought a second 4ft continuous press for MDF production again from D-SWPM. Currently, each of these two continuous lines produces more than 1000 cubic meters per day, which represents the highest efficiency level in the MDF market.    

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