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Dieffenbacher Symposium

Time: 13.10.2017 10:26 Click: times
Changing the Lightweight World - Again

On Sep 5th, 2017, based on "efficient production and lightweight composite materials" as the theme,   Dieffenbacher company successfully held a professional and in-depth automotive composites technical symposium in the shanghai factory (SWPM). About 90 high-end industry participants attended the symposium. The partners, the German Fraunhofer ICT, BASF, EDAG, and the customers, Kangde composites, YDAM were invited to the meeting and each made a wonderful speech and Q & A.
Impressions Symposium

Guest for report

   Key Discussions  In the Symposium
1.     The Way to Lightweight Design with Composites and Actual Trends for Automotive Lightweight Design with Composites
2.     Mass Production  Systems for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
3.     Dieffenbacher Direct LFT-D Technology – Pole Position in Profitability and Flexibility
4.     Thermoplastic structural lightweight design for automotive mass production – an holistic lightweight approach - Fraunhofer ICT
5.     Structural Composites for Automotive Cliffhanger of the Chemical Industry? - BASF
6.     Production and Facility Engineering for a Modern Composite Part Manufacturing – EDAG
Customers at SWPM Plant

Speakers in the Symposium

SWPM is the most important production site for Dieffenbacher group in the Asia Pacific region. This Symposium was a victory, which laid a good foundation for the future Dieffenbacher technology and equipment in the Chinese market. We will be closer to the customers, keep up with the pace of the market, creating more values for the customers.
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