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D-SWPM Air Steam Preheating System

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D-SWPM successfully developed air steam preheating system for MDF continuous press line in 2014. The first set of air steam preheating system was put into operation at a 4ft-45m MDF continuous production line in Chiping, Shandong province in October, 2014.
Press line speed: 70~1,200 mm/s
Mat thickness range: 10~200 mm
Width of mat: 1,200~1,300 mm
Width of net belt: 1,550 mm
The principle of air steam preheating system is to mix steam and fresh air, to achieve preset steam temperature of process technic. Using special designed circuit system, steam penetrates mat and heat exchange happens between mat and steam, mat heating up is fulfilled as per process technic.
Advantages of D-SWPM air steam preheating system:
■      Mat temperature could be heated up to 50 -75 °C
■      Max. speed of continuous press could be improved by 30%
■      Suitable for all types of adhesive
■      No negative influence on physical property of finished board
■      Low operating cost
D-SWPM air steam preheating system has gained good reputation in the market for its remarkable ability of capacity increasing, good running efficiency and easy maintenance. Currently we have received many orders for air steam preheating system from our customers. It has become the preferred configuration for new project.

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